Thursday, 5 February 2009

Portable joy

For Christmas my wife gave me a little Sansa Media player and I love it. I'm sure some of the Apple brigade would look down their designer noses at my machine but it just fits the audio, video and radio needs that I have so well it is fantastic.

As a consumer of public transport (yes I eat buses), I have loads of time with only my thoughts for company and that is not always so good. Sometimes I need to drown those voices in my head before they make me do something bad again; and this is ideal.

What do I have on there at the moment you ask? Well there is an assortment of albums and I love the fact that the cover art goes on too. I have the first series of Heroes as I am behind the world on that. Dark Knight, Serenity a load of Simpsons and a whole variety of video. The things that fill me with gladness though are the variety of podcasts out there. People who fill the net with trivia, laughter and opinion for my free downloadable enjoyment. God bless them I would say if there was a God to bless them.

I'm a bit of podcast whore these days but I'm not going to list my favourites here because I will probably touch upon a few in the future. Besides I'm still trawling the web trying out different ones and coming up with a few goodies amongst the inevitable bags of dross.

Until the next time...

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  1. Portable joy? Personally, I think you'd have more fun with Joy who is portable. She goes everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE!


    the spy